Monday, April 9, 2012

When the crazies call....

So I honestly figured with 5 different horses for sale right now, that Easter weekend would bring maybe a slight touch of relief from the crazies.  Maybe if everyone was out celebrating with their families, they'd leave me the hell alone, right?

Let's backtrack to last Thursday, when I received the wonderful email from the well-meaning, yet very misguided woman that wanted me to give her my yearling for 25 bales of hay.  No sooner do I get home than my phone rings, and the conversation goes something along these lines:

"I'm calling about your blue roan/grulla yearling on the internet."
"Sure! What can I do for you?"
"Do you know how tall her parents are?"
"No, I don't.  She came from a production sale out in North Dakota, so I have no idea.  I have a breeder's certificate and copies of her parents papers.  She won't get very tall, I'd be surprised if she topped 15.2."
"Can you check on her parents papers for me?"
"....excuse me?"
"On a horse's registration papers, they always have their heights printed.  If you have a copy of her parents papers, it'll tell you.  I'm just worried about her height." At this point, she's getting a little flippant with me.
(I'm thinking Ohhh, we've got a live one!!) "Well I have copies of their papers, but there's definitely no heights on them.  I don't have any horse here from any breed that has heights on their papers."
"Well I have miniatures, and we ALWAYS have their heights on their papers, so I don't know why YOURS don't.  Actually I'm the one that emailed you earlier today..."
"OH! You're the one that grows your own hay and only wanted to offer 25 bales, right?"
"YES!  That's me!  I wanted to call and make sure you know I'm really serious about-"
"Yeah, I'm not trading, and she's not free.  She has a good home here and I'm not going to just GIVE her away."
"Well I thought maybe since you said 'or best offer'....
"Oh.  Um...okay.  Well it'd be a good home."
"She has a good home here.  I'm not giving her away."
"Well what's your bottom line on her?  It says $500 or best offer."
"I'm not giving her away."
"I know that. But what's your bottom line on her?  Because I wanted her for myself, my niece and my..." (She rattles off a short list of a few other relatives that I really don't care about).
"Okay, well I figured I'd give you a call too just to let you know I'm available as an option in case you change your mind. I know the ad said 'no emails', so I wanted to call."
"Well you already messed that one up, didn't ya?"  (I've found that laughing a bit after a statement like this still gets your message across, but lessens the sting a little bit so they're not really sure if they're supposed to be offended or not.)
"Oh, (nervous laughter), I guess so!"
"Have a good day ma'am."

People like this remind me on a daily basis why I hate Craigslist so much.

I need to get to work now, but tomorrow I'll share the tale of Saturday's Wayward Mexican.  That one's even better.

Have a good day, everyone!

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