Monday, December 24, 2012

There's One In Every Crowd....

Well, I did it!  I got my very first hate-comment on a blog!  I guess this finally makes me a real blogger, huh?  Not exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but hey, I'll take it.  Anyway, this unfortunate dipshit made the bad decision to ignore my warning on the comments section which appears on EVERY blog I write that reads as follows: 
I ABSOLUTELY welcome comments, as long as they're not rude or disrespectful (that's my job). I write this blog for my own benefit and the benefit of my fans, so please don't come in here and try and start a fight. I don't knock on your door and bitch at you, please don't do it here.

You see, to me, that's a fair warning.  That's actually what I'd consider a very GOOD warning.  You'd think that, as someone who writes the way I do (with blatant disregard to whom I could potentially offend with my words), my warnings would be heeded.  But no.  This gem of a human being decided to go ahead and gift my creative juices with this little tidbit of writing material,  which I've copied and pasted directly from the blog about Jackson, the foal with the shattered fetlock on which she also posted as "Anonymous".  Great idea!  As my roommate said "Oooh boy, they poked the bear!"  Poked the bear, indeed.

"And this is exactly why horse slaughter should not have been banned. Because you have people lile this that cant take care of horses, and they should be put out of there misery. Although, you dont take in consoderation and just rant and bitch.about everyone and there brother that may have a skinny/lame horse. Did you ever think that times are hard? I have 17 horses on my farm. Half boarders. I show year round. I invest alot of money in it. But its hard to do so. And did you ever think that fences break? Studs get out, mares tease. Shit happens! For you of all people, a horse person should know that! But yet you bitch about everyone else? Ive been following and.observing along with a handful of people and the way you attack people. It isnt to help other people, its to make your self and your farm look better. I agree this horse should have had more vet care. But like she said SHE COULDNT AFFORD IT!!she obviously advertised to get rid of, its not like she was keeping it ans starving it. She actually trying to find it a better home. And alot of vets wont do further treatment without money. So your going by hear say, of people sayig she takes skinny horses and runs them YOU DONT KNOW THAT. andjus like you and any body else, someone pissed you off then you dwell on it and try to shut them down. Jus like the tom timm thing. He pissed ya off, i agree they were nasty horses he sold you. But why didnt you take action sooner? You are a monster as well
Your only taken action now when you had to put the horse down. And you feel ur screwed over so your gunna make his life hell. Times are hard! Your a horse person you should fuxking understand. Vets were out to, if theu were that concerned somethin would be done
Some looled like shit, i agree, some need.maintenance i agree! But you wonder why animal control doesnt do shit anymore because they have.bitches like you that thrive on shutting other people down to get ut name out there, and call on every goddam thing they see! Horses go lame, horses.lose weight, someimes you pump feed into a horse and they still dont gain. And you go by hearsay. He may have screwed people over. Every horse person has. Jus like in any other buisness/profession. If you saw a skinny cow in a pasture, would you call on those people too? Hell no. And you get mad bc this lady is.un educated or seems to be atleast and humiliate them? You dont care about the horses
You care about shuttin everyone else down. I do not know tom tim. I do not know this other lady
I do KNOW YOU. what have you done to help? You may try to collect.donations but are u buying and.saving horses? No
Only if they.benefit you. You may say you do but i know you dont."

You, sir or ma'am, have made a VERY poor life choice, and consequently, you have allowed me some DELICIOUS writing material with which to mock you for both my own amusement and the amusement of my fans.  Poked the bear, indeed!  I'd call it the best Christmas present I've gotten this year, but Pat bought me all new mats for my trailer.  Mats beat stupidity, any day.  But anyway, thank you.

Now I read this comment, and yes, it took me several attempts to try and understand exactly what point this author was trying to make.  By the time I thought I had a good grasp of their attempt at an argument that was CLEARLY meant to insult me and to justify the abuse that Jackson, Oliver and the other Durand babies had suffered, I was a little bit pissed.  Pissing me off is not the best decision, especially when I'm feeling creative and need to write.  And when I have a working blog just craving another entry.

So I fired off a reply:

Dear Person Who Didn't Have The Balls To Post Their Real Name,
While your lengthy argument was cute, you need to do a little more homework before you try and attack me. I appreciate your attempt at an intelligently-written argument, but I have a few words of advice for you:

1) Go back to school. Your grammar and writing abilities make you look like an illiterate fool.

2) I don't collect donations, nor do I ask for them. I am not a non-profit rescue and to collect donations under false pretenses would not only be wrong, but also against the law. I DO however, support Day Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation. They ARE a non-profit.

3) I absolutely DO support slaughter in the U.S.A. I also support that the kill process be done quickly and humanely, which is why I'm not a fan of the Canadian or Mexican slaughter-process.

4) I have bought $20 horses at auction solely to bring them home and euthanize them. I don't go out of my way to purchase only "profitable" horses, although that is generally my goal. If I have cash left over, and space on the trailer, I'll bring a few charity cases home to give them an alternative to the one-way trip to Canada.

5) You apparently DON'T "know me" as you say, or you'd know that I haven't sold a horse in 6 months, and I have only two horses of my own right now. Oh, and I've filled out paperwork to formally adopt a rescue horse, but that was just last night.

6) By the way, you asked what I have done to help? Well I spent ten hours on the road yesterday using my truck & trailer to move rescue horses across the state as a volunteer. Yes, volunteer. As in, ON MY OWN DIME. And I missed a family Christmas party to do so. So please, tell me again how I don't do anything to help, because honey, that's how I spend most of my weekends every month while you're at horse shows.

SOOOO, in summary, I'm going to leave your sad little attempt at a bitch-fest posted, mainly so we can all have a good laugh at your expense. Now, kindly bend over and fuck yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Now granted, I felt a lot better after shooting back a reply and pointing out this jackass's many shortcomings as an author, observer, horse owner and human being.  What I didn't expect, however, was the massive outpouring of support from my friends and colleagues.  They jumped up and ripped a new asshole into this broad like a pack of hungry wolves.  They attacked a few different points that I overlooked in my original counter-assault.  Apparently, I didn't fully address the depth of the ignorance of this writer, and I'd like to take that opportunity to do so now.  

So, dear Anonymous, what was your point by saying "And this is exactly why horse slaughter should not have been banned. Because you have people lile this that cant take care of horses, and they should be put out of there misery."?  Were you inadvertently saying that the owner of baby Jackson should have sent him to slaughter?  Really?  You'd slaughter a foal?  And you have SEVENTEEN horses in your care?  Do your boarders know how fucked up your theories on equine-management are?  

You go on to rant about studs breaking out and breeding mares and "accidents happen".  Yes, you're right there, but allow me to point out that EVERY SITUATION I TEAR INTO HAPPENED INTENTIONALLY.  Each baby I write about occurred as a result of a DELIBERATE decision by a human being.  These weren't accidents, you dumb piece of dog shit.  I do bitch about and attack individuals on my blog, and the beauty of this whole thing is that it's MY blog.  I never forced you to read it, and quite frankly I'm impressed that you even got through some of the entries, since I do use big words on occasion.  

I only take action now that they had to be put down?  No, my friend, I took action back then as well.  I paid for those Durand babies and I brought them home and I fixed them as best as they could be fixed, and then I found them homes, and you know what?  I didn't make five goddamn dollars on the whole deal.  I lost a lot of money, but I don't do rescues for the money.  I couldn't save Jackson, but I sure didn't see your dumbass step up and make an effort or contribution towards the effort.  But then again, as you say "times are hard".   Once again, you're right about that, but I'd happily bet you ANY amount of money that a TRUE GOOD horse owner will make every sacrifice needed to make sure their horses receive all of the adequate care needed to keep them healthy and happy.  As one of my supporters commented "you do what you have to do or you get the fuck out of the horse business".  If times are so hard for you, perhaps you should seriously consider cutting back on your showing "year round" and make a few donations to some rescues with some of that money.  But if you're not going to put your money where your mouth is, then do us all a favor: crawl back in your hole and shut the fuck up.  

MOST horse people DO NOT screw others over.  I'm not sure why you seem to think that, but then again, I don't know what kind of people you run around with.  However, if they're as classy as you are, I'd be willing to bet you can all get a good rate on some basic grammar and composition classes at the local community college.   

I worry about the condition of your horses and any other living creature you have in your care, oh Anonymous poster.  And I sincerely hope for you, on this Christmas eve, that you can get your head out of your ass before you publicly embarrass yourself again.  

Oh, and if you don't like what I have to say, stay the hell of off my blog.  

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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I ABSOLUTELY welcome comments, as long as they're not rude or disrespectful (that's my job). I write this blog for my own benefit and the benefit of my fans, so please don't come in here and try and start a fight. I don't knock on your door and bitch at you, please don't do it here.