Thursday, September 20, 2012

There's A Special Place In Hell....

Please note:  This was NOT written by Day Dreams Farm, and they are not responsible for it's content in any way, shape or form.  It is merely my observations, opinions, and thoughts. If swear words offend you, please do NOT read this blog and get off of my page.

As my readers know, I've bitched and I've bitched and I've bitched some more about the ignorance of backyard breeders and the irresponsibility of incapable horsemen & women.  This one truly personifies all of my bitching and wraps it all up into a cute little black Quarter Horse package.  It's a goddamn shame that he had to die.  It's a bigger shame that he's been suffering for weeks because of this jackass....

On Tuesday, as I was perusing Facebook instead of focusing on my Research Design class, I noticed that Day Dreams Farm (a close friend of mine) posted a Craigslist ad link.  Now I know damn well that Lisa doesn't put things on the DDF wall unless they're well-worth I clicked, and read this:

I have a black well bred colt who was born 43 days late and still is having prob he has a bad canna bone in the laft front leg was have a vet bill that needs to be paid and We don't want to put him down or take to the auction I would just give him away for a pasture mate but we need help with paying off this vet bill, He can he paperd but I'm not going to give the
m to how ever get him, He is sweet I had to bottel feed him for the frist 3 days of his life, he now is 2 months old and still need alot of help as his dam dosen't let him nurse very much. I would like to get want we owe the vet $475.00 out of him if some one paid that I just might give a app for reg to them. the vet said he could be fix with a 50/50 % chance of him walking on it right he can run with out a prob but walking he is very slow and lays around alot. He is the great grandson of Peppy San Badger on Top side and Three Bars on botton and is a 20% linebred THREE BARS QH.."

I don't have the remainder of the original listing because by the time I got enough anger built up to fire off a blog, the posting had been deleted.  I also don't have the original picture from the ad that picture, you see a relatively-newborn black colt with a very grotesquely-misshapen cannon bone (CANNON, not "canna") on the front right and a strange, but not clearly discernible angle on the left front fetlock.  Nowhere in the ad do they take CLEAR, easily-viewable photos of this colt's condition.

Now I have several major issues with this ignorant excuse for a human being right off the bat.  First, grammar.  Some of you know that I consider the ability to use proper grammar when writing an ad NUMERO UNO when considering a human being's rights to survive and reproduce in this world.  This chick is so abhorrently awful, she herself should probably be euthanized.  Had someone actually DONE this, this colt may have never been brought into the world, and the world as a whole would be a better place.  

Secondly, OH LOOK, he has Three Bars!  Big fucking deal.  85% of quarter horses these days have Three Bars if you trace them back far enough.  AND she wants to negotiate and him-haw around about whether or not she's going to give the new owner a registration application?  Really, bitch?  Is that what makes him worth $475?  Or is it just because she's too goddamn cheap and stupid to consider the ramifications of her decision to breed shit to shit just to make shit that MIGHT be able to run around a barrel, except that now she has a crippled baby and a vet bill she apparently 'can't afford', so she wants someone else to buy her mistake to bail her out of the mess she made?  By the way, yes, I know she barrel races.  Fortunately for me, I have a few contacts on that side of the state and it didn't take me long to learn that she brings skinny, wormy, neglected horses to speed shows and barrel races all in the name of....well, I don't know if she does it for fun, but she apparently doesn't give a flying fuck about the welfare of her horses.  Now I find out she has a stallion of her own?  Well that's great fucking news!  Heads up, you pathetic excuse for a human being, you already have a TERRIBLE reputation over there, and now, thanks to your Craigslist mistake, it's spread over here!  I'd suggest selling everything and looking into permanent birth control methods, for the good of mankind.  

But, alas, back to the foal itself (who had NO name, by the way, Lisa's nine year old son named him Jackson as they buried his body yesterday).  Lisa and one of her closest supporters, Mary, drove ALL the way to Kalamazoo yesterday to pick up this little guy, and brought him back to her vet's office in the back of her Suburban.  Would the owner sign him over free & clear to the rescue?  No.  The $475 was DONATED by a Day Dreams supporter to bail this guy out of the shithole life he'd had thus far.  Talk about greedy.  I will say this, Lisa is absolutely brilliant in that she paid the VET directly instead of giving money to these sorry excuses for breeders.  Anyway, so they take this little man right to the vet for treatment and xrays.  The "canna" bone on the right front is looking considerably better, actually, but the fetlock is broken in not one, but TWO different places...essentially shattered.  
This picture was taken upon Lisa & Mary's arrival to the farm.  THIS is that fetlock....

Now, you tell me, what RESPONSIBLE breeder leaves an ankle looking like THAT unwrapped and untreated?  How do I know its untreated?  Because, my dear Lisa, in her infinite wisdom, called the treating vet today for a little more insight into this woman's mindset.  These are Lisa's words:

"It's taken me a while to get my head together to sit down and write my feelings surrounding the last 24 hours. For as horrible as that pic the owner posted looked, he actually had a good prognosis. I talked to the vet today. She said he had contracted tendons. She saw him 2 times within the first four days of his life. She braced him and told her to remove the braces in a few days to check for sores. She was instructed to call the vet if the braces needed to be put on longer, but she never made that call. His ankle was NOT damaged in any way and she called the owner SEVERAL times to follow up with him, but her calls weren't returned. But, the fact is, she wanted to sell him as a barrel horse and if he couldn't do that, he was worth nothing to her. She kept claiming that the vet saw him and said he would just heal on his own, but we now know that is a lie. "

This new information baffles me.  What possesses someone to allow an innocent young creature like this colt to suffer for WEEKS?  Did she just not see him every time she walked into the barn?  This injury could have been repaired and potentially healed to make this colt into a perfectly fine "THREE BARS-BRED!" trail-sound mount one day, but by the time Lisa and Mary could get to him, he was too far gone to save.  The injury had been left for too long, was actually scraped and calloused from him walking on the joint itself and dragging his hoof behind him.  The damned baby was suffering.  No pain meds, no wrapping, no support of any kind for him from his owner.  Lisa and Mary loaded him up in the Suburban (because, let's be honest, what other way IS there to transport such a tiny patient across the state?), and hauled him home.

There was no saving the little man.  Dr. M (who is a WONDERFUL woman and one of the finest veterinarians I know) gave this guy his first experience with pain relief and let him snooze while xraying, and the decision was made to let him go peacefully.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving a little life if it can be done, but I know when the suffering dominates the quality of a life, its time to make that decision.  Do I support the decision?  100% absolutely.  Do I think charges should be brought against the owners for neglect and cruelty?  Absolutely.  Do I think Jammie Weeks should go to jail?  100% whole-heartedly.  Perhaps someone should shatter HER ankle and let her walk around on it for a few weeks without so much as a goddamn Motrin.  

Mary, who is the most soft-spoken, kind-hearted, probably-didn't-even-cuss-during-childbirth sweetheart of a woman even wrote this bitch an email after the fact.  It was mean, I was VERY impressed.  She really let this broad have it, and unfortunately received an email full of "God bless"es and "I wish you the best" bullshit that comes with replies from the lowest of the low who refuse to acknowledge that they did anything wrong, and have the audacity to "forgive" those that point out to them how fucked up their priorities and decisions are.  These are the animal abusers that hide behind a Bible and try and use God and religion as a shield.  

Now I went to fucking private damned years of it, as a matter of fact.  I have my beliefs, I also cuss like a sailor.  I DO NOT, however, ABUSE BABIES AND WATCH THEM SUFFER!!!  You want to be biblical?  Two can play this game:  

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." Proverbs 12:10
So, Jammie Weeks, where were you on THAT one?  Take one good last look at this baby that you put through weeks of pure living HELL.  I hope you sleep well at night.  There's a special place in hell for people like you.  

p.s.:  Should anyone like to contribute toward the efforts of Day Dreams Farm so they can continue going out and helping horses like Jackson, PLEASE see their website at:  or visit their Facebook page:

Thank you for your support!


  1. That is one of the saddest things I've ever read. Poor baby Jackson, at least he is getting some peace now.

  2. You wrote an excellent blog regarding poor Jackson. You said every word perfectly, even the cuss words were in the perfect spots. I was reading and cussing the monster that did this to Jackson out too! Thank you to Jacksons rescuers and thank you for making a decision no person with a heart likes to make. Bless Day Dream Farms and bless you for writing this blog!!!!

    1. Thank you, whomever you are :) I do the best I can to out the people that do this shit, and hopefully raise awareness to the kind of crap that REALLY goes on!

    2. Thanks for writing what a lot of people are thinking…good for you! SHAME on those people! That little fella had a chance at a good life. They took that from him. How dare they! And don't get me started on how upset I am that they are breeding in the first place. They shouldn't even be allowed to have animals...of ANY kind! Makes me so upset….

    3. After reading this I am furious!
      And you will be furious when you read this!

  3. I'm a horse person from Kalamazoo but have never heard of Jammie Weeks. Now I have. I'm not a barrel racer which may be why. I will be asking around and telling people about this. Thank you for letting us know what your friends did for Jackson and about this horrible "breeder"

  4. I am appalled, I must be so naive because I can't imagine the cruelty that this woman must have in her heart. I agree completely that she needs to be in jail, but we all know that it will never happen. She does not belong in our society, let alone ever near an animal that depends on her evil heart and soul to survive. Our horses depend on us for everything-how dare she----just HOW DARE SHE??? I want to scream it in her face.

  5. I'm right there with you on every single point!
    Thank God for Day Dreams Farm! Without them, who knows how long this poor baby would have suffered.
    The longer I am on this earth, the more sorry excuses for human beings I have seen, and this one is at the top of my list for sorry pieces of shit!
    Thank you for naming her, so we can all be aware of who she is.
    Has the vet that was treating made any moves to have her charged criminally? She should have the book thrown at her!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for your comment! I'm not sure if the vet has done anything, but I believe Animal Control has been notified, though I'm sure if you contacted DDF, they'd could probably give you the proper number if you wanted to file a complaint as well.

  6. I followed these events as they unfolded and I appreciate the eloquence with which you have expressed your rage, and the rage of everyone else who knows this story. Rest in Peace, dear Jackson.... I am so sorry for the pain you had to endure during your short little life.

    1. Thanks Jen, and welcome to my venting page. Unfortunately Jackson's story is only a drop in the bucket of the things that I hear about....I created this blog as an outlet for my thoughts. And if I can help raise awareness & funds for the rescues that need them, so be it!

  7. So has was this reported to someone that has the authority to fine her or whatever? Thank you for bringing this to light and I do think there is a special place in hell for people like her

  8. Situations like this happen way too often. I'm glad the right choice was made for this foal, finally.

  9. Good GOD! that poor horse. i feel really bad. if you dont have the money to fix the poor horse give it to a vets office. they will take horses, and give them to rescues and fix them.

  10. And this is exactly why horse slaughter should not have been banned. Because you have people lile this that cant take care of horses, and they should be put out of there misery. Although, you dont take in consoderation and just rant and bitch.about everyone and there brother that may have a skinny/lame horse. Did you ever think that times are hard? I have 17 horses on my farm. Half boarders. I show year round. I invest alot of money in it. But its hard to do so. And did you ever think that fences break? Studs get out, mares tease. Shit happens! For you of all people, a horse person should know that! But yet you bitch about everyone else? Ive been following and.observing along with a handful of people and the way you attack people. It isnt to help other people, its to make your self and your farm look better. I agree this horse should have had more vet care. But like she said SHE COULDNT AFFORD IT!!she obviously advertised to get rid of, its not like she was keeping it ans starving it. She actually trying to find it a better home. And alot of vets wont do further treatment without money. So your going by hear say, of people sayig she takes skinny horses and runs them YOU DONT KNOW THAT. andjus like you and any body else, someone pissed you off then you dwell on it and try to shut them down. Jus like the tom timm thing. He pissed ya off, i agree they were nasty horses he sold you. But why didnt you take action sooner? You are a monster as well
    Your only taken action now when you had to put the horse down. And you feel ur screwed over so your gunna make his life hell. Times are hard! Your a horse person you should fuxking understand. Vets were out to, if theu were that concerned somethin would be done
    Some looled like shit, i agree, some need.maintenance i agree! But you wonder why animal control doesnt do shit anymore because they have.bitches like you that thrive on shutting other people down to get ut name out there, and call on every goddam thing they see! Horses go lame, horses.lose weight, someimes you pump feed into a horse and they still dont gain. And you go by hearsay. He may have screwed people over. Every horse person has. Jus like in any other buisness/profession. If you saw a skinny cow in a pasture, would you call on those people too? Hell no. And you get mad bc this lady is.un educated or seems to be atleast and humiliate them? You dont care about the horses
    You care about shuttin everyone else down. I do not know tom tim. I do not know this other lady
    I do KNOW YOU. what have you done to help? You may try to collect.donations but are u buying and.saving horses? No
    Only if they.benefit you. You may say you do but i know you dont.

    1. Dear Person Who Didn't Have The Balls To Post Their Real Name,
      While your lengthy argument was cute, you need to do a little more homework before you try and attack me. I appreciate your attempt at an intelligently-written argument, but I have a few words of advice for you:

      1) Go back to school. Your grammar and writing abilities make you look like an illiterate fool.

      2) I don't collect donations, nor do I ask for them. I am not a non-profit rescue and to collect donations under false pretenses would not only be wrong, but also against the law. I DO however, support Day Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation. They ARE a non-profit.

      3) I absolutely DO support slaughter in the U.S.A. I also support that the kill process be done quickly and humanely, which is why I'm not a fan of the Canadian or Mexican slaughter-process.

      4) I have bought $20 horses at auction solely to bring them home and euthanize them. I don't go out of my way to purchase only "profitable" horses, although that is generally my goal. If I have cash left over, and space on the trailer, I'll bring a few charity cases home to give them an alternative to the one-way trip to Canada.

      5) You apparently DON'T "know me" as you say, or you'd know that I haven't sold a horse in 6 months, and I have only two horses of my own right now. Oh, and I've filled out paperwork to formally adopt a rescue horse, but that was just last night.

      6) By the way, you asked what I have done to help? Well I spent ten hours on the road yesterday using my truck & trailer to move rescue horses across the state as a volunteer. Yes, volunteer. As in, ON MY OWN DIME. And I missed a family Christmas party to do so. So please, tell me again how I don't do anything to help, because honey, that's how I spend most of my weekends every month while you're at horse shows.

      SOOOO, in summary, I'm going to leave your sad little attempt at a bitch-fest posted, mainly so we can all have a good laugh at your expense. Now, kindly bend over and fuck yourself.

      Merry Christmas!

  11. I would like to respond to the above post in which they defend the colts breeder/owner. Are you an idiot? You really are going to make a poor excuse of lack of money to let that colt suffer as he did? If she did not have the money to treat him a responsible owner would of put him down that day or at the very least contact any one of the rescues to see if help was available. If you are are truly a horseman you do what is best for the animal. You don't post it on Craigslist expect to be paid so somebody else can clean up after you and do the right thing..She should be ashamed of herself

  12. I would like to tell the idiot follower who defends and breeds stupidity by her utter words trying to defend such cold hearted selfishness. I dont give a flying fuck if times are hard you do what you have to or get the fuck out of the horse busines. I have known Jac for a few years now and she could give a shit less if she gets the raw end of the deal in a horse transaction as long as the horse will be ok in the end. What she does try to do is stop idiots like you and your friend. Apparently you are on my side of state which just saddens me to think we have trash like you and your on this side of the state. Please make it a New Years Resolution to pull your head out of your ass! Heather

  13. Oh my - I am so embarrassed for you illiterate, ignorant, disgustingly hateful poster. "Most" horse people DO NOT screw people over and if they have any humanity at all they NEVER let their animals suffer needlessly. And jackass let me tell you a little something about Jackie - I don't care if it was your freaking chicken that you weren't caring for properly - she would be sure to ask you to step it up or give it to someone who could. People like you are what is a matter with America - you only care about what YOU can gain from a situation (a dollar, a good time, a free ride etc) and don't give a f*** about what is the "right" thing to do.


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